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Pixel Media Group, as the UK's leading digital creative agency, excels in delivering innovative digital solutions, including professional web development, engaging graphic design, and effective marketing strategies. Their expertise in using cutting-edge technology to create immersive digital experiences, coupled with a commitment to tailor-made content creation and transformative design, ensures brand elevation for their clients. This narrative underscores their comprehensive approach to harnessing creativity for client success in the digital realm.

We are passionate about turning your ideas into captivating realities. We are a UK Digital Creative Agency with a team of talented creatives, designers, and strategists dedicated to helping businesses and individuals thrive in the digital world. 

Our mission is to bring your vision to life through thoughtful and compelling designs, memorable branding, and cutting-edge digital solutions.
With our expertise in graphic design, web development, marketing, and content creation, we craft unique and immersive experiences that engage your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

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The Team

Joshua Tobias-Gibbins


Sam Hoad

Managing Director

Hannah Marsh

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jamie Ross

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Mo Akbar

Videographer & Photographer

Jessica Hilton

Finance Controller Manager

Lily King

Content Marketer

Michel Hawk

SEO Specialist

Owen Brown

Website Designer

John Foster

Graphic Designer

Taylor Moran

Copywriting Specialist

Jenny Carton

Video & Photo Editor

John Charlton

Quality Control Manager

Henry Short

Head Of Human Resources

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