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What We DID

Let’s break it down…

For those seeking a comprehensive and cinematic experience, this package is perfect for weddings, large events, and corporate productions.

What’s Included:

  • Full-day coverage of filming and photography.
  • Cinematic editing of footage and high-quality photo editing.
  • Feature-length film and extensive photo album delivery.


  • Drone Use: (Optional Extra)

Unique Selling Points:

  • Tailored for grand events and productions.
  • Cinematic and highly edited content for a lasting impression.
  1. Platform Management: We’ll expertly manage up to 4 social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to ensure a broad online presence.

  2. Content Creation: Our team will craft and schedule 5-7 engaging posts per week, tailored to your brand’s unique identity.

  3. Full Marketing and Social Media Plan: You’ll receive a comprehensive marketing and social media plan designed to optimize your online strategies and achieve your business goals.

  4. Monthly Analytics Report: Gain valuable insights into your social media performance with a detailed monthly report, including key metrics and actionable recommendations.

  5. Bi-weekly One-on-One Meetings: Enjoy regular meetings with our experts to discuss progress, strategy adjustments, and address any questions or concerns.

  6. Social Media Profile Setup and Management: We’ll set up and manage your social media profiles, ensuring a consistent and professional online presence.

  7. 10% Discount on Content Creation Services: As a bonus, you’ll receive a 10% discount on our content creation services, further enhancing your content quality.

With our Silver Social Media Management package, you can expect an elevated online presence, increased engagement, and a strategic approach to meeting your marketing objectives.

Project Details

Marvin Herbert, a former gangster turned motivational speaker, faced significant challenges in rebranding and communicating his transformative journey to a wider audience. His digital presence was fragmented, his brand message inconsistent, and his audience engagement minimal. Despite having a powerful and inspiring story, Marvin struggled to effectively connect with his audience and leverage digital platforms to amplify his message. Before Pixel Media Group’s intervention, there were several critical challenges as follows.

Key Challenges:

  • Unappealing Marketing Materials: The initial marketing materials lacked the engagement factor and did not effectively communicate Marvin’s unique story or the value he brings as a motivational speaker. This inadequacy hindered the brand’s ability to captivate the target audience and limited the potential for market penetration.
  • Inconsistent Online Performance: The online marketing landscape is dynamic, requiring continuous monitoring and adaptation to maintain performance. Marvin’s brand faced the challenge of staying relevant and competitive amidst evolving SEO practices and audience preferences.
  • Low Social Media Engagement: Initially, Marvin’s social media engagement was minimal, indicating untapped potential in building community and brand loyalty. The lack of a cohesive social media strategy was resulting in missed opportunities for interaction, brand promotion, and audience growth.


  • Engaging Marketing Materials: PMG revamped Marvin’s marketing collateral, emphasizing compelling storytelling. Through high-quality brochures, presentations, and digital content, they showcased Marvin’s journey and expertise. This led to heightened audience engagement, more inquiries, and a bolstered market presence.
  • Sustainable Online Performance: PMG adopted an agile online marketing strategy for Marvin, marked by continuous analysis, trend monitoring, and strategic adjustments. This proactive approach kept Marvin’s digital content fresh, relevant, and aligned with market dynamics. Regular performance reviews and data-driven tweaks sustained a resilient online presence, driving the brand’s upward trajectory.
  • Maximized Social Media Engagement: PMG leveraged the power of social media, crafting a robust strategy focused on consistent, engaging content, audience interaction, and community building. By fostering genuine connections across platforms, Marvin’s social media channels became vibrant hubs for engagement, feedback, and brand advocacy, elevating its online presence.

Through these focused strategies and solutions, Pixel Media Group effectively addressed the challenges, significantly enhancing Marvin Herbert’s brand presence and audience engagement across various platforms.

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Step By Step

To make the project run as smoothly as possible we will guide you through the following steps.

Step 1

Design Briefing

About you, the brand, the business and your detailed project requirements.

Step 2


From logo to typography, full brand guidelines provided.

Step 3

Bespoke Design

Your briefing brought to life in a unique concept visual with unlimited alterations.


Step 4

Web Build

Custom coded features and functionality built to your specific requirements and your own approved design.


Step 5


Go live online, once approved. Full back-end training given Support & Aftercare.


Step 6


Unlimited alterations, changes and additions with a personal, dedicated account manager.


Step 7

Grow / Scale

Optional expert marketing channels available to scale up your business and exceed your goals.



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