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What We DID

Let’s break it down…

For those seeking a comprehensive and cinematic experience, this package is perfect for weddings, large events, and corporate productions.

What’s Included:

  • Full-day coverage of filming and photography.
  • Cinematic editing of footage and high-quality photo editing.
  • Feature-length film and extensive photo album delivery.


  • Drone Use: (Optional Extra)

Unique Selling Points:

  • Tailored for grand events and productions.
  • Cinematic and highly edited content for a lasting impression.

Project Details

Pixel Media Group (PMG) partnered with Mel’s World, a vibrant platform led by the multi-talented Melanie Thompson—singer, songwriter, and the entrepreneurial force behind Amarè-Me. Dedicated to her online community, Melanie’s engaging content spans hair and skincare advice, grounded in her life as a wife, mum, and lover of Christ. PMG was tasked to amplify the impact of Mel’s World through professional video editing, focusing on enhancing content quality, audience resonance, and seamlessly integrating the Amarè-Me brand. 

Key Challenges:

  • Inconsistent Video Content Quality: Mel’s World had a treasure trove of valuable content. However, the varying quality of video editing sometimes led to a disconnect between the content’s message and its presentation, potentially impacting viewer engagement and brand perception.
  • Limited Engagement in Video Content: Despite having a loyal and growing subscriber base, the potential to engage and expand her audience through professionally edited videos was not fully realized, limiting the growth and reach of her brand.
  • Suboptimal Brand Integration: With Amarè-Me being an integral part of Melanie’s entrepreneurial journey, ensuring a seamless and natural integration of the product line into her video content was crucial. This needed to be done in a way that was authentic and resonated with her audience’s preferences and values.’


  • Uniformity and Professionalism in Video Editing: PMG provided top-notch video editing services, bringing a level of consistency and professionalism to Mel’s World’s content. This ensured that each video effectively communicated Melanie’s message, maintaining her personal touch while elevating the content’s quality.
  • Enhanced Viewer Engagement: Through sophisticated editing techniques and a deep understanding of Mel’s World’s brand ethos, PMG was able to craft videos that were not only visually appealing but also structured to keep viewers engaged, encouraging longer watch times and more meaningful interactions.
  • Strategic Brand Integration: PMG worked closely with Melanie to understand the core values and unique selling propositions of Amarè-Me. This enabled the seamless and organic integration of her products into the video content, ensuring that each mention or visual placement felt natural and added value to the viewer’s experience.

Through these tailored solutions, PMG was able to address the unique challenges faced by Mel’s World, enhancing the quality of her video content, and ensuring that her brand message was conveyed effectively and engagingly. This partnership has set the stage for increased viewer engagement, brand growth, and a stronger online presence for Mel’s World and Amarè-Me.

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Step By Step

To make the project run as smoothly as possible we will guide you through the following steps.

Step 1

Design Briefing

About you, the brand, the business and your detailed project requirements.

Step 2


From logo to typography, full brand guidelines provided.

Step 3

Bespoke Design

Your briefing brought to life in a unique concept visual with unlimited alterations.


Step 4

Web Build

Custom coded features and functionality built to your specific requirements and your own approved design.


Step 5


Go live online, once approved. Full back-end training given Support & Aftercare.


Step 6


Unlimited alterations, changes and additions with a personal, dedicated account manager.


Step 7

Grow / Scale

Optional expert marketing channels available to scale up your business and exceed your goals.



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