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What We DID

Let’s break it down…

Web Design:

  • Design briefing
  • Fully bespoke web design
  • UX & UI focus


Web Development:

  • Custom coded
  • Full stack developers
  • Fully responsive (Mobile friendly)
  • Unlimited pages
  • Speed optimised
  • SEO friendly


For eCommerce (if applicable):

  • Payment gateway integration (multiple options)
  • Prominent cart / basket buttons
  • Unlimited products & categories (Capacity)
  • Stock / inventory management
  • Auto order confirmation emails
  • Sales Reporting
  • Shipping / returns info pages


FREE optional extras:

  • Social media integration
  • Reviews / Blog pages
  • Email date capture


  • Domain name
  • 12 months hosting
  • Emails
  • Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  • SSL Certificate


  • Dedicated project manager
  • Back-end access & training
  • Unlimited alterations*
  • Technical support
  • Inhouse content writers

Project Details

Miss Millie’s, a renowned name in the fried chicken industry, boasts a rich history that dates back to 1965 when the brand’s predecessor, KFC, was first introduced in the UK. With deep roots and a significant legacy inspired by the friendship between the brand’s former Chairman Harry Latham and Colonel Sanders, Miss Millie’s has flourished, maintaining its dedication to quality and heritage while embracing growth and modernization. As the brand embarked on an exciting new journey, it faced pivotal challenges in the digital landscape, necessitating a strategic partnership with Pixel Media Group (PMG) to revolutionize its online presence and engage with a broader audience effectively. 

Key Challenges:

  • Limited Digital Engagement: Despite a strong brand history and loyal customer base, Miss Millie’s online presence did not fully capture the essence of its legacy or its vision for the future, leading to underwhelming engagement and customer interaction.
  • Outdated Website Design: The existing website failed to reflect the brand’s modern outlook and rich history, resulting in a disconnect with the target audience and a subpar user experience.
  • Inconsistent Brand Messaging: The brand’s story and values were not consistently or effectively communicated online, leading to missed opportunities in cultivating a strong brand identity and customer loyalty.
  • Underleveraged Social Media Platforms: Miss Millie’s social media strategy lacked the dynamism and engagement required to captivate the audience, failing to utilize these platforms for brand storytelling and customer interaction.


  • Revitalized Digital Strategy and SEO Enhancement: PMG introduced an advanced digital strategy, focusing on elevating Miss Millie’s online presence. By optimizing the website for search engines and refining the content strategy, PMG ensured that the brand resonated with its audience, driving increased organic traffic and improving search rankings.
  • Website Transformation and User Experience Optimization: The Miss Millie’s website underwent a complete transformation, aligning with contemporary design trends and user expectations. The new, intuitive website now effectively narrates the brand’s story, showcases its offerings, and invites customer interaction, leading to enhanced user engagement and conversion rates.
  • Unified Brand Representation: PMG crafted a cohesive brand narrative, ensuring that every digital touchpoint, from the website to social media, consistently reflected Miss Millie’s heritage and vision. This strategic brand alignment fostered a stronger connection with the audience and reinforced brand identity.
  • Strategic Social Media Engagement: With a revitalized social media strategy, PMG harnessed the power of these platforms to tell the Miss Millie’s story, engage with the audience, and build a vibrant community. Through regular, compelling content and targeted campaigns, PMG significantly boosted brand visibility, audience engagement, and customer interaction.

Through this strategic partnership, Pixel Media Group successfully addressed the digital challenges faced by Miss Millie’s, transforming their online presence and setting the stage for a new era of digital engagement and brand growth. The synergy between Miss Millie’s rich heritage and PMG’s innovative digital strategies has redefined the brand’s interaction with its audience, paving the way for continued success and expansion in the digital domain.

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Step By Step

To make the project run as smoothly as possible we will guide you through the following steps.

Step 1

Design Briefing

About you, the brand, the business and your detailed project requirements.

Step 2


From logo to typography, full brand guidelines provided.

Step 3

Bespoke Design

Your briefing brought to life in a unique concept visual with unlimited alterations.


Step 4

Web Build

Custom coded features and functionality built to your specific requirements and your own approved design.


Step 5


Go live online, once approved. Full back-end training given Support & Aftercare.


Step 6


Unlimited alterations, changes and additions with a personal, dedicated account manager.


Step 7

Grow / Scale

Optional expert marketing channels available to scale up your business and exceed your goals.



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