The Yoga Flows


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What We DID

Let’s break it down…

Web Design:

  • Design briefing
  • Fully bespoke web design
  • UX & UI focus


Web Development:

  • Custom coded
  • Full stack developers
  • Fully responsive (Mobile friendly)
  • Unlimited pages
  • Speed optimised
  • SEO friendly


For eCommerce (if applicable):

  • Payment gateway integration (multiple options)
  • Prominent cart / basket buttons
  • Unlimited products & categories (Capacity)
  • Stock / inventory management
  • Auto order confirmation emails
  • Sales Reporting
  • Shipping / returns info pages


FREE optional extras:

  • Social media integration
  • Reviews / Blog pages
  • Email date capture


  • Domain name
  • 12 months hosting
  • Emails
  • Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  • SSL Certificate


  • Dedicated project manager
  • Back-end access & training
  • Unlimited alterations*
  • Technical support
  • Inhouse content writers

Project Details

Before partnering with Pixel Media Group (PMG), The Yoga Flows, a distinguished yoga instruction entity, grappled with substantial hurdles in establishing a potent online presence. These challenges were pivotal in hindering their ability to connect with the yoga community and expand their clientele. 

Key Challenges: 

  • Limited Digital Engagement: The Yoga Flows encountered difficulties in engaging potential clients due to a lackluster online presence, which was not reflective of their expertise and the holistic nature of their services.
  • Outdated Web Interface: The pre-existing website suffered from an obsolete design and lacked interactive features, resulting in diminished user engagement and a subpar representation of the serene and professional ambiance of The Yoga Flows.
  • Inadequate Online Visibility: Suboptimal search engine rankings and ineffective SEO practices led to reduced online visibility, making it challenging for yoga enthusiasts to discover The Yoga Flows’ offerings.
  • Inefficient Utilization of Digital Platforms: The potential of digital platforms, including social media, was not fully harnessed, resulting in missed opportunities for community engagement, brand reinforcement, and lead acquisition.


  • Revitalized Digital Presence and SEO Enhancement: PMG crafted an advanced digital strategy, centering on fortifying The Yoga Flows’ online presence. We refined their website’s SEO framework, elevating their search engine rankings and augmenting organic traffic. Meticulous keyword analysis and content refinement were instrumental in this endeavor.
  • Website Redesign and Interactive Feature Integration: The website underwent a significant transformation, with a concentration on contemporary aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and interactivity. The newly revamped site now resonates with The Yoga Flows’ ethos, offering an immersive and user-friendly experience that mirrors the tranquility and professionalism of their services.
  • Strategic Online Visibility Boost: PMG implemented targeted SEO strategies and content optimization to enhance The Yoga Flows’ online visibility. By ensuring their prominence in search results, we effectively broadened their digital reach, attracting a larger audience of yoga enthusiasts.
  • Optimized Digital Platform Utilization: We leveraged the full potential of digital platforms, particularly social media, to solidify The Yoga Flows’ online community. Through strategic content curation, regular engagement, and targeted advertising, we significantly bolstered their brand visibility, community interaction, and lead generation capabilities.

Through these bespoke solutions, PMG meticulously addressed the distinct challenges faced by The Yoga Flows, catalyzing a transformative shift in their digital presence. This strategic overhaul not only fortified their online stature but also paved the way for enduring growth and prominence in the yoga instruction domain.

Step By Step

To make the project run as smoothly as possible we will guide you through the following steps.

Step 1

Design Briefing

About you, the brand, the business and your detailed project requirements.

Step 2


From logo to typography, full brand guidelines provided.

Step 3

Bespoke Design

Your briefing brought to life in a unique concept visual with unlimited alterations.


Step 4

Web Build

Custom coded features and functionality built to your specific requirements and your own approved design.


Step 5


Go live online, once approved. Full back-end training given Support & Aftercare.


Step 6


Unlimited alterations, changes and additions with a personal, dedicated account manager.


Step 7

Grow / Scale

Optional expert marketing channels available to scale up your business and exceed your goals.



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